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Pain limits you from exercising.


You would like to exercise from the comfort of your home or nearby gym.


You are not confident to exercise after an injury.


Personal training at big gyms can be expensive. 




It is hard to stay motivated.

You are not sure where to start.

You have a busy schedule.

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Move Smooth Fitness is a health and wellness system that targets overall fitness but prioritizes functionality and mobility in its training programs. It is the newest approach to online and 1-1 personal training using the latest science based evidence, to create programs exclusively for your goals. You can train with an experienced trainer from the comfort of your home, a park, or even your local gym. We have also partnered with multiple local gyms in the Montgomery County area to provide our service.


 You will save time by doing the correct types of workouts your body needs, instead of trying generic ones. We literally put the science to work. We are 100% sure our programs, if followed correctly, will lead you to achieve your fitness goals in a timely manner.

No gym required. No monthly subscriptions. All fitness levels welcomed. Results guaranteed!

MoveSmooth Fitness

Outdoor Workout

-Maria Hernandez.

"I purchased the full flexibility program because I had back pain. Coach Peter was very kind and listened to my goals carefully during the consultation. After a few weeks of training, my back pain went away and I was able to reduce a few inches from my waist. I was shocked, I thought it was impossible to reach my fitness goals with my pain but Peter created a program where he fixed the pain and made me lose weight at once. Thank you MoveSmoothFitness!"

We Guarantee Results

-James Johnson.

“I have always suffered from neck pain. I work sitting all day in front of the computer which made me gain weight. I reached out to MoveSmoothFitness because my friends recommended it to me. At first, I wasn't sure if my pain would allow me to exercise at all but I found that not all movements made my neck hurt and instead, with some stretching techniques I learned in our 1-1 personal training sessions, I was able to reduce my pain and lose weight. Peter even recommended me to change my work chair because this was the origin of the problem. I am now 10 lbs. lighter and my confidence is up through the roof. Thank you guys!"

-Tracy Bovelo.

“I was always ashamed of my body. I did not want to step outside because I thought people would judge me by my look. I had tried personal training before but it did not work because I had too many chronic conditions. I saw the great reviews MoveSmoothFitness had on Yelp and decided to give them one last chance so I tried a few personal training sessions with coach Manuel. I honestly did not think I could lose so much weight with simple movements but here I am weighing 162lbs. When I first started the program, I was weighing 215 lbs. and could not squat because my knees would hurt. I am 50 lbs lighter now and can even jump squat. Thank you so much for making a huge impact in my life. I am very happy with the results."

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Our purpose

MoveSmooth Fitness envisions a population capable of being independent, and loving of themselves. We do this by helping clients reach their fitness goals in the safest way possible using solely science as our tutor. Our certified trainers are committed to enhancing the overall health and fitness of individuals worldwide. We take pride in providing the BEST exercise programs uniquely designed for you.


These core values are the “FOCUS” behind our success.


Friendly. We do not discriminate against anybody based on age, race, or sex. Our client’s satisfaction is our priority. Our trainers have excellent friendly skills that will make you feel comfortable through your sessions.

Ownership. We take our client’s issues as if it was our own. We put ourselves in other people’s shoes to fully understand the problem and correct it efficiently.

Commitment. We are committed to make your dreams a reality through hard work and dedication. 

Unity. Our clients and trainers make up our family. We create long-term relationships with each one of them to provide a great service and also an enjoyable work space.

Safety. All of our programs must be regulated to ensure safety during training sessions. All of our trainers have been Covid-19 vaccinated and understand the precautions to stop the spread. We follow CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 as we disinfect our equipment BEFORE and AFTER each session. All trainers must wear a mask when doing personal training sessions. Your safety is our priority.