Amputee Athlete

About MoveSmooth Fitness

Move Smooth Fitness is a health and wellness system that targets overall fitness but prioritizes functionality and mobility in its programs. It is the newest approach to virtual and 1-1 personal training using the latest science based evidence, to create programs exclusively for your goals. You will save time by doing the correct types of workouts, instead of trying generic ones. We literally put the science to work. We are 100% sure our programs, if followed correctly, will lead you to achieve your fitness goals in a timely manner.

No gym required. No monthly subscriptions. All fitness levels welcomed. Results guaranteed!

Meet your coaches

Coach  Peter

Peter Orlandini CSCS, CPT, CEO

Peter is truly passionate about moving correctly. He believes that if your body can move the way it is supposed to, you will enhance your life quality and achieve your fitness goals faster and safer. Peter is a Physical Therapy student at South College, TN and has gained rehabilitative experience working closely with physical therapists for 3 consecutive years as a physical therapy aide. Peter is also PNF Stretching Certified through Human Kinetics. In his free time, Peter enjoys going on hikes with his dog, loves to play soccer, and enjoys weightlifting. 



B.S. Exercise Science - Salisbury University

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) ID: 273766005

NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) ID: 1180191568

CPR/AED American Heart Association 

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Coach Martin 

Martin Lopez, CPT


Martin's philosophy is quality over quantity, "It's how you move the weight, not how much weight you can move". Within five years in the fitness industry, Martin has trained a variety of clients from sedentary to professional athletes. His training specialties include sports conditioning, cardiovascular training, core HIIT,  and weight loss .Martin is the tech leader at a physical therapy clinic where he learns new treatment techniques daily. He loves helping patients alleviate pain through therapeutic exercises. In his free time, Martin enjoys lifting heavy weights, cooking Peruvian food, and taking aerial photographs with his Mavic.  


B.S. Exercise Science - Salisbury University

Health Minor - Salisbury University

NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) ID- 

CPR/AED American Heart Association 


Coach Manuel 

Manuel Peirano, CPT

Manuel believes that everyone should try to become the best version of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Manuel specializes in functional training and medical fitness. He has experienced working with clients with metabolic conditions, neuromuscular disabilities, arthritis, cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions. He is currently getting prepared to obtain his Clinical Exercise Physiologist certification. Manuel enjoys weightlifting, eating out, and going on trips with his family.


B.S. Exercise Science - Salisbury University

A.A. Health Fitness - Montgomery College

Advanced Personal Trainer Certified- Montgomery College

CPR/AED American Heart Association